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You can share your favourite hirola pics using the hashtag #WorldHirolaDay every year from the 1st of August. We will then select the best and post it using our facebook and twitter accounts acknowledging the source. You can tag us on this posts. Our twitter account is @hirola_program and facebook account is Hirola Conservation Program.


We established and celebrated the world's first hirola day on 12th Aug 2015. This date coincides with the world's elephant day in an effort to connect the two species. On 12th August 2018, we held the 4th anniversary of this annual event in Garissa County, Kenya where our team in partnership with the local communities made this event a success!

In whatever way you choose to support and share your love on World Hirola Day, you will be making a huge difference in creating awareness on this special day.

About Hirola

Hirola is arguably the world's most endangered antelope with a current population of 300-500 individuals. A combination of habitat degradation, competition with livestock, and disease are responsible for historic declines with degradation and predation combining to suppress contemporary populations. Their extinction would mark the first loss of an entire mammalian genus since the Tasmanian tiger's global disappearance in 1936.

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